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Shots N Spades | Tournament

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Get ready for a night of fun and excitement! Join us for an evening of Spades, delicious food and drinks, and great company. This is a tournament, one team will walk away with bragging rights and a trophy. So grab your Patna!

Saturday, July 1st 

Cost: $30 per team of two 

What's included: one drink per team member and a light snack. 

Winning Team: Wins a cash prize and trophy. 

*cash prize will depend on how many teams register*

Custom Team T-shirts

*Read House Rules Before Registration*

Cancellation Policy: We try very hard not to cancel a course or event. However, if we do need to cancel a class for inclement weather, instructor emergency, etc., you will be reimbursed for the class fee. In most cases, we will try to reschedule the course for a future date. If you must cancel a class, please let us know. Students that cancel at least 24 hours in advance may apply the class fee to another class or store credit. Cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice may forfeit the class fee. In case of emergencies or illness, we will either reimburse your class fee or reschedule your class depending on your needs and situation.

House Rules: 

  1. No Table Talk - No talking to your partner across the table. 
  2. Spades: You can't lead a spade 
  3. Big & Lil Jokers - We will play with big and little jokers.
  4. 2's - The two of diamonds and hearts will be pulled. 
  5. Renege - If you or your partner renege, the game is over and the other team wins. 
  6. First-Hand - First-hand bids itself. 
  7.  Set - If you get to set, the other team wins.
  8. Points - Each game will go to a total of 300 points, 10 points for each book won. The first team to make it to 300 wins.